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Shelby County, TN

Shelby County, Tennessee has a population of 927,644 as of 2010, making it the largest county in the state in terms of geographic and population density. The county is right beside the Mississippi River where wildlife lives around and near it. As the state of Tennessee often experiences multiple climates, wildlife moves from their living space to another to ensure that they’re safe and not vulnerable to any predation.

Some wildlife may burrow in the trees and former shelters that an animal abandoned. They do this because they are in search of an ideal shelter where they’re undisturbed and food is bountiful, ensuring they survive and mate all season round.

Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, possums, snakes, and rats are on the move in search of a better shelter which makes man-made structures attractive to them! Attics and basements are areas in your home that are likely to be infested by such kinds of wildlife.

Rodents will cause significant damage to your home because of their necessity to gnaw on something constantly, while bats and birds will disperse waste, causing the deterioration of materials in your home. As waste and fecal matter are dispelled, the probability of you catching fatal diseases increases! When wildlife has entered the house, your health and home are at stake.

These unwanted guests are a nuisance from the start and if they’re not dealt with quickly, it may cause you a fortune in repairs or unfortunate visits to the hospital. Generally, animals are not a nuisance when they’re outside of your home but, they became a serious problem when they have gained access to your home.

Wildlife X Team Memphis

Dealing with wild animals by yourself is not only risky for your health but it’s often not a great way to spend your time. Some of the jobs like repairs and wildlife removal can be tedious and dangerous! You will encounter many difficulties and it may end up being worse than before. Not only is the factor of wasting time prevalent, but the risk of accidents is high, like when removing various wildlife and carrying out repairs.

When you’re having trouble with wildlife in general, Wildlife X Team Memphis has got your back! From wildlife removal, wildlife control, damage repairs, animal exclusion, sanitation removal, and waste disposal, the team can do it all!

You can contact us at 901-441-4910 to get advice and an initial quote for our services. If you like what you hear, we will schedule an appointment as soon as possible to further inspect your home. After the team has completed their inspection, they will give a quote of the final price and the specification of the process on how to deal with your issue.

Animal Control

Wildlife control and removal vary on what animal you’re dealing with. Various techniques and different kinds of traps will be needed to take care of the infestation. Wildlife X Team Memphis are well-equipped and trained to take care of your animal infestation. Humane techniques and nontoxic traps are practiced to avoid accidents.

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    Damage Repair and Removal

     It is inevitable that after an animal infestation is solved, areas of your home will be damaged. Wildlife X Team Memphis can help you with Insulation removal and replacement, roof repairs, and foundation vent repairs.

    Wildlife Exclusion

     Excluding wildlife is shown to be effective in multiple studies in getting rid of animals compared to different means. Wildlife X Team Memphis provides preventive methods like installing vent guards, placing chimney caps, and screens on fences. Also, caulking and foaming are available to fend off animals from entering while conserving electricity!

    Cleanup and Sanitation

    Waste removal is important to prevent any fatal diseases to spread to your family. Attic restoration, crawl space restoration, and dead animal removal are services that Wildlife X Team Memphis provides.

    Service Areas

    Wildlife X Team Memphis is prepared to help in multiple counties in Memphis and some areas in Tennessee. If you’re having pest-related problems, please feel free to Contact Us in the following areas: Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Eads, Southaven, Olive Branch.

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